PPM for Nonprofits

Simplified Project Management

Introducing PMware's Technology Relief Program for Nonprofits

We are committed to donate unlimited project portfolio management (PPM) software licenses to qualified nonprofits

Spread the word. We will donate $1 Billion dollars by 2027.

[To learn more, contact us at info@mypmware.com]

Why is PMware donating software licenses to qualified nonprofits?

Through our work with large nonprofits, we discovered that this community is underserved and could benefit significantly from PPM software to maximize efficiency. We also understand that budget constraints may hinder these organizations.

We believe it is a privilege to give back, so we are happy to donate PMware to qualified nonprofits to help them become more effective and efficient at pursuing their missions.

Plan, execute and achieve your mission.  

PMware's PPM software can help project-focused nonprofits of any size, in any industry, do more with less, balance resources against demand, align and prioritize work and improve efficiency.

PPM Central - Prioritize | Plan | Execute | Manage

One powerful but simple-to-use software program does it all

Financial Management for Nonprofits

Powerful Solutions | Positive Results | Hosted or On-Premise

PMware’s PPM software provides visibility, predictability and accountability at all levels so you can plan, manage and control projects, resources and financials and collaborate in real time using a centralized, comprehensive, easy-to-use hosted or on-premise solution.

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Non Profit Project Management
PPM for Nonprofits
Project Management Software for Nonprofits
Project Management Software for Nonprofits
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Projects Prioritized | Resources Optimized | Intelligence Centralized | Efficiency Maximized

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