Why PMware’s PPM Solution is the Best Choice for Nonprofits

The key to the success of your nonprofit is having the best tools to successfully plan, execute and achieve your vision/goals. In an age where technology and methodology have become exceedingly sophisticated, you need a premier PPM (project portfolio management) solution to not only help manage, control costs, and achieve deadlines for projects, but also to track whether you've been paid on time and in the right amount.

PMware's project management software has a vast amount of high-level features including Project and Resource Management, File and Calendar Sharing, Task Management and Assignment Scheduling. It also offers Resource Scheduling and Shaping, Real-Time Analytics and Expert Build Reports, Trend Analysis, Forecasting and Custom Reporting as well as a comprehensive host of easy to use tools to suit your management style and project life cycle.

Why You Need a Special Software Solution for Your Nonprofit

Most companies today rely heavily on software to evaluate, track, deliver, and get paid for their services. For these companies, every project presents not only a source of revenue but an opportunity for repeat business. A PPM solution such as the tools offered by PMware can help you keep track of the finer details of your organization.

What are the Advantages of Using a PPM Solution for Your Nonprofit?

Project portfolio management software can help improve efficiency and deliver projects on time project managers require a distinct set of tools. Project portfolio management software can help you effectively manage project scope, cost, and resources by providing a centralized, comprehensive and powerful solution to share files, collaborate in real time, and ensure accountability.

Additionally, with the availability of cloud-based storage, nonprofits no longer have to work in a single physical location but can now retain the same levels of efficiency across the field. PMware's nonprofit project management solution facilitates teamwork at all levels - and thus guarantees project delivery, client satisfaction, and repeat business.

Lastly, automating your nonprofit with software provides an access point to prioritize and manage resources. This merges all your data within one system creating a powerful but simple solution to create daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to effectively balance resources allowing you to make better decisions based on visual information related to project health.

What are the Potential Disadvantages of Project Management Software for Nonprofits?

Project management software requires investment and careful consideration in choosing a system that is customizable to suit your unique workflows. You'll also need to consider the cost to instruct your employees, so you'll need to choose a PPM that is easy to use and offers the highest return on investment. PMware currently offers licenses at zero cost to qualified nonprofits.

How to Choose the Best Software for Your Nonprofit

Before deciding on the best project resource management software, you need to determine your specific goals for your nonprofit. Take a look at how you could benefit from the levels of visibility, predictability, and accountability PMware’s software offers your nonprofit.

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