The Slow Return To Normal: Lessons To Take From Working Remotely

As the Coronavirus pandemic starts to slowly subside, many companies are considering moving back into the office and using in-person communication more and more.

What does this mean for the companies who have adapted to a virtual and online business structure during the pandemic? Do they throw the virtual side of their business out the window, and go back to in-person planning, meetings, and communication?

We at PMware are excited to see the pandemic coming to a close. But, it's a good idea to look back at the past year and see what business lessons there are to learn from this time.

Some things to reflect on include:

Allowing your employees to work from home

If you had your team work from home, how did it go? If your team was able to stay productive from afar, consider changing your work from home policies to give employees more flexibility in the future.

How you'll stay on top of communication

If you do choose to continue to work from home, or use a hybrid of in-office and remote workers, make sure your communication stays flawless wherever your employees may be. A PPM solution like PMware lets you stay on-schedule and manage multiple projects from afar.

How to plan for the future

If your business didn't have a contingency plan going into the pandemic, chances are you had to scramble to get by. Think about your contingency plan for the future, and make sure it includes any technology or actions your business used that worked during this pandemic.

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