Strengthen Your Cause with Project Management for Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit is like a study in multitasking. From organizing fundraising events to soliciting donations, it is a lot of work to operate an organization that helps others.

Project portfolio management is the solution for many nonprofits, but could it be even more effective? Here are some ideas on strengthening your organization and making a positive difference with nonprofit project management software tools.

Streamline Your Business Processes

What holds nonprofits back from achieving their true potential? Many of the hurdles that you'll face revolve around routine business processes, such as

  • Filing Form 990 and other tax return documentation

  • Tracking ongoing and one-time expenses in an organized manner

  • Managing donation drives and collection efforts

  • Communicating with prior donors and regular contributors

  • Promoting and marketing your organization and its charitable initiatives

  • Researching new ways to help your community and improve your current projects.

These processes are critical to running an effective nonprofit, but with your hands in so many pots, it can be hard to keep them all orderly. Transitioning your non profit project management tasks to software-based workloads gives you more power to

  • Oversee performance data that lets you improve your efficiency

  • Keep key project participants and stakeholders organized

  • Set reminders that free you to focus on key decisions instead of constantly juggling scheduling workloads

  • Generate shareable data that lets you show potential donors and backers why they should contribute.

Gain Insights That Raise Your Bottom Line

Dealing with funding is one of the biggest challenges for nonprofits. Aside from the hair-raising stress of managing donations, you are in a constant struggle to divert more of your budget to your cause.

Using the right software can help. Financial management applications give charities the leeway to reduce the amount of money that they lose in incidental processes. Since you can track each project individually or conduct a big-picture hunt for trends, you can zero in on the areas that need improvement most.

Sure, using superior project management software might not deliver a huge windfall all at once. It can, however, help you plug the leaky seams that threaten to sink your nonprofit ship and its greatest fundraising efforts.

Make Your Project Portfolio Management Work

There are many forms of strategic project management for nonprofits. The tools and software that you choose play huge roles in determining the outcomes of your plans.

These tools are specifically designed to make financial management for your nonprofits more simple. Your organization deserves nonprofit project management software that caters to your unique needs. Sign up for a free PMWare demo to strengthen your impact today.