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How To Keep Your Projects Delivered On Time This Summer

As the weather starts to warm up and summer comes around, many employees will set off on road trips, vacations and take some much-deserved time off.

Time away from the office is important for productivity and avoiding burn-out, but it sometimes results in pushed-back timelines, and breaking client expectations.

Thankfully, a project portfolio management system can help keep your projects on track and give your employees a much-needed break from the office. Here's how:

Streamlined Communication

A project portfolio management system like PMware allows project stakeholders to comment on things like tasks, adjust deadlines, and see a clear picture of your portfolio at a glance. So, before you bug your teammate who's on vacation, you can find the information you need within your PPM system.

Flexible Resource Planning

PMware's resource planning capabilities make it easy to adjust your resource needs over time, so you can scale up and down depending on the number of workers you have in the office, your demand and seasonal trends.

Better external communication

All projects in PMware have a dedicated home page where you can view key project performance intelligence in an easy-to-read way. So when that one really important client calls in with a question about their project's timeline (and the PM is out of office), team members can help answer questions regarding status, issues, milestones, and financials, quickly.

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