How to Identify Inefficiencies in Your IT Resource Management

Your company's IT department is responsible for managing a wide variety of essential activities for your business. From ensuring that the internet is working to setting up firewalls against hackers and preventing malware from getting onto the “Internet of Things” in your office space, the IT staff has a lot to do. They may also be responsible for purchasing technology, retiring old technology, disposing of it and more. Inevitably, there will be some inefficiencies in your IT department. These tips will help you identify those inefficiencies in IT project management and make corrections in order to get things back on track.

Verify the Project Priorities

It is important to make sure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to prioritizing projects. When there is a misalignment of work priorities in your IT department, resources may not be as efficient as they could be. IT project management software allows managers and IT staffers alike to check in on priority project and make updates as tasks are completed.

Track Time

If you are unsure of how your IT staffers are spending their time, consider having them track it for a week. You might be surprised to discover that a lot of their time is spent on unproductive tasks such as trying to schedule meetings or managing unwanted communications. When non-strategic work takes up a significant portion of an IT staff member's daily or weekly hours, it is time to make a change in work assignments, communication management, and prioritization.

Examine the Allocation of Resources

Even in a large corporation, IT departments have a finite amount of resources at their disposal. Do a thorough investigation of how resources are allocated and used in your IT department. If employees are spending a lot of resources patching up old equipment or installing programs on individual workstations instead of having them accessible through the cloud, improvements could be made. Take a look at how more processes can be automated or handled in bulk.

Consider Who Does What Work

When a problem arises, does your organization assign the best person to do the job or the person who has the least amount of work to do? If the best person for the job is not assigned to the task, the work could take two, three or more times as long to finish than it would if you adjusted your case management system. You can use software to identify each IT staff person's strengths. When a relevant problem comes up, the software identifies which worker is the best person to handle the task. Assigning a less-experienced person to do the work could result in the more experienced IT team member having to go back and re-do what was already done.

IT Project Management Software That Delivers

IT project management software such as PMware could improve efficiency in your IT resource department. This software is ideal for businesses in a wide variety of industries. When you are ready to do more with your IT resource management, contact PMware to learn more.