How to Choose the Right Project Management Software For Your Nonprofit

Often times, project management software developers design their software for-profit organizations before looking at the other organizations. Few consider the needs of project management for nonprofits first. Luckily, there are qualified firms in the industry who focus on providing the best software that can cater to the demands of a non-profit. When making that choice for your organization, it is good to familiarize yourself with this process.

Identify your nonprofit needs

Develop a PPM strategy for your firm before even going to the market. In this strategy, ensure you have all the pertinent details regarding the software. If the spreadsheets serve you well without limitations, why would you want a system? Can it pay for itself? What constituents do you need to include? How many staffs will use the system?

You can review your firm's needs against those of other similar organizations. Remember to work into your current needs. There is always room for future improvement. Furthermore, as you learn the system, it will be easy to integrate future features and capabilities.

Get input from your departments

In today's world, your staff will be your first client. Their feedback is imperative because they will be the one to use the system every day. Since you can't possibly listen to everyone individually, you can ask each department to make submissions. To keep each department grounded on the basics, prepare a checklist where you will ask them what they think would be a good fit. They can also add nice-to-have items.

Consider the support and capacity

Most organizations want to change their PPM software; they feel it does not serve them well. What they don't know is that they probably have an excellent system. What makes software good?

  • Ability to use it

  • Knowledge of its features

  • Integration with other things you use

  • A supportive structure

When choosing a nonprofit project management, look at the level of support and training. Look at your company capacity. For example, if half of your staffs do not have good computer skills, will they need training on that first before training on the software usage? Do you have the technical people to operate the system? You will need a system that does not force you to adjust your ways. Making two changes at the same time can be difficult for your team.

Determine the primary building blocks of the system

A good project management software integrates various functions within the organization. It is supposed to strengthen your systems by standardizing inputs and consequently outcomes. It should lead to the generation of quality data that can generate insights.

Once you understand what your system requires, you will make an informed decision on what to buy. The donors, donor engagement, volunteers, communication channels, membership management, and company projects are some of the building blocks that can benefit a nonprofit.

PMware’s Technology Relief Program for Nonprofits

When searching for a project management program for a nonprofit, you will need a system that supports your organization. PMware donates unlimited project portfolio management software licenses to qualified nonprofits. PMware is committed to helping nonprofits become more effective and efficient at pursuing their missions. Request more information to learn more.