How to Choose a PMO Software that Grows With Your Business

Choosing the right PMO or project management software is one of the most important investments that your company will make. Perhaps you’re a small startup looking to take on your first big project. Or maybe you’re a business that’s been around the block with a few PMO apps that are just not cutting it anymore. Either way, an upgrade is in order.

What is PMO software?

Project Management Office software is a tool which is specifically designed to do four things. It is meant to manage your project’s:

  • Scope: the size of your projects, goals, and the requirements to fulfill

  • Resources: the materials and manpower you have to fulfill the scope

  • Time: how long it will take you to achieve your individual and ultimate goals and deadlines

  • Money: the budget you have in place for all the project necessities and the revenue the project will bring in during different developmental and execution stages

PMO software organizes this information in a synthesized manner which allows you and your team to be on the same page in regards to project requirements. Additionally, seeing the analytics all laid out will give you the opportunity to adapt, downsize, and make tweaks where needed.


A good PMO program not only helps you structure your projects, but it provides tools and programs to help you execute the electronic aspects of the plan. From cloud sharing to spreadsheets, a good project management office software will provide you with a powerful bundle of resources to help you complete your work efficiently.

Budget Management

Not only will a good PMO program keep your finances and documents organized well, but it should teach you how to budget your resources, finances, and your time effectively. By delineating tasks divided by manpower, the PMO software allows you to delegate effectively. Choosing a program that is going to effectively manage your budget is absolutely key to project success.


There are several different types of project management software on the market these days. Choosing the one that will grow your business will be the program which not only optimizes your project goals on paper, but it will be the software which suits your team’s working style.

A stable PMO program will challenge any established team to work outside of their comfort zone. However, identifying your personal form of workflow before purchasing is ideal for finding software which will grow your team together organically. Organic growth is the best for bringing people together as it fosters teamwork, creativity, and high spirits.

Inquire about Simple Project Management Software

At the end of the day, choosing a PMO program is a very brand-oriented decision. How does your team like to work? How do you best process information? What kinds of tools and resources do you need within your software? Answering these questions will not only help you discover what exactly your project needs, but it will help you pick out the perfect PMO system to suit your business’ current and future needs. For a good lead in your research, check out PMware’s PMO program for your business.