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Simplify Resource Management

PMware™ provides a scalable, high performance & comprehensive project, portfolio and resource management software and service solutions by simplifying the complexities of project management without sacrificing capabilities.

If you are like most organizations there is high demand on your people, materials, equipment, knowledge and time. PMware provides you the ability to manage your resources in a centralized way. It has the capability of managing actual or virtual project human resources allowing management and the planning teams to assess both the impact to actual team members when allocated and/or plan with roles to determine demand for current and future work. As new projects are approved and current project schedules change, PMware greatly simplifies the resource planning process across all your projects by providing live current information.

Leverage PMware to help manage the tradeoffs that need to be made when balancing the right resources with the right skill and rate to meet your performance requirements. PMware allows capital resources to be assigned and consumed, this enables a full project cost model to be developed. An additional benefit is PMware’s ability to “insource” or “outsource” all your project resource needs and increase your capacity for success across your portfolio.

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