PMware Project Management Software
Projects start with Ideas.

Every organization wants better control over new ideas/requests. PMware provides a centralized and manageable way to capture, efficiently evaluate, score, prioritize, and advance the most promising ideas. Using PMware’s customizable request process, smart tasks and “what if” capabilities gives management a clear and accurate view into the project funnel. Furthermore, PMware gives you full control over access to the detailed and high-level information and who can approve ideas allowing for improved efficiency and better communication at all levels of your organization. PMware is a powerful tool enabling teams to quickly react to requests and once prioritized and approved schedule the solutions for development and release.

PMware enables:

· Central idea capture

· Standardized process that ensures accuracy

· Ability to evaluate and communicate review outcomes

· Move ideas efficiently through the product cycle

· Effectively communicate to all interested parties (Yes/No and actions to be taken)