Resource & Capacity Management

Reconcile your disparate file based plans into one intelligent database to gain the truth about your project resource capacity. Make fact based decisions about your portfolio plans based on your capacity to deliver. Your project success starts with PMware Resource Management.

Understanding existing resource assignments is imperative within any organization. PMware™ enables managers to have clear and continuous visibility into resource assignments and allocation across projects in the enterprise. Resource conflicts are easily identified allowing prioritization based on the goals of the organization. Managers can model the impact of new project work on requested resources providing a complete view of resource commitments. Skills management capabilities allow for easy location of knowledge, available resources to redeploy assignments as needed. And since PMware™ reports are based on live data, they can ensure you are seeing the most accurate information.

Resource Management

  • Real-Time Resource-Centric Scheduling Across Projects
  • Team Management - Resource Constraint Identification
  • Work Request Management
  • Resource Search Engine by Skill and Availability
  • Time Tracking for All Types of Activities
  • Capacity Planning
  • Management of Internal and Contractor Resources
  • Skills Management
  • Support of Matrix Organizations - Shared Resources
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