Adaptive Solutions. Accelerated Results.

Your project management needs are unique. Whether you are launching a new product to market or a rocket into space, you need to plan, execute and monitor to see the desired results.

PMware's ubiquitous PPM technology is flexible, customizable, process agnostic and can adapt to your ever changing needs to accelerate your results.

Resource & Capacity Management

Reconcile your disparate file based plans into one intelligent database to gain the truth about your project resource capacity. Make fact based decisions about your portfolio plans based on your capacity to deliver. Your project success starts with PMware Resource Management.

Understanding existing resource assignments is imperative within any organization. PMware™ enables managers to have clear and continuous visibility into resource assignments and allocation across projects in the enterprise. Resource conflicts are easily identified allowing prioritization based on the goals of...


Project Portfolio Management

Project and portfolio management (PPM) is an important issue today because companies are investing thousands and even millions of dollars into IT projects strewn across their enterprises. Deciding which IT projects to approve and implement, while at the same time aligning a company’s IT strategy with the business needs, is necessary but also proves to be quite challenging. It is often extremely difficult getting decision makers to agree on which projects to implement. Most IT Executives will admit that they aren’t 100% sure whether their people are working on the right projects for their...


Project Management

Simplify the complexities of project management without sacrificing capabilities. PMware Technology was designed by project management professionals to replace the traditional collection of file-based and cloud based tools with one powerful complete integrated standard solution. Project Professionals will quickly discover the power with PMware.

When managing multiple IT projects with limited human resources, management needs to know exactly what everyone is working on and whether resources are available for – and capable of – fulfilling a request. Management also needs to identify...


Agile Project Management

PMware is a uniquely ubiquitous scalable PPM solution. Leverage PMware’s open architecture to synchronize modern agile tools such as Jira, Version One, Rally, and others with PMware Portfolio Management. Combine Agile project performance metrics with Resource planning to provide heterogeneous Portfolio Intelligence.


PPM for Product Development

Turn Innovations into Reality. Project Management Professionals understand that to deliver products successfully you must deliver projects successfully. Leverage the power of PMware Technology to achieve greater efficiency and profitability for all your product development projects.


PPM for I.T.

IT leadership must provide value to the business it serves. Value is demonstrated when IT consistently delivers as promised. With limited budgets, resources and time, precision planning and project execution is required. Maximize the value of your IT organization by leveraging PMware’s powerful Project, Portfolio and Resource Management Technology.


Project Management Office

The Program Management Office (PMO) mission is to maximize efficiency and profitability across the enterprise. PMware provides Technology to achieve this mission by providing comprehensive project planning, execution, and performance solutions. Establish high performance standards and processes with PMware as the “backbone” of your PMO.


PPM for Non-Profits

Donor Dependent Non-Profits need PMware technology to operate at maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, budget constraints may prevent these organizations from achieving their highest potential.

PMware™ is highly committed to helping qualified Non-Profits and Faith-Based organizations become more effective and efficient at pursuing their mission with our “Technology Relief Programs”.


Project Resource Optimization

Your resources are limited but demand is high. Leverage PMware to find the right resources with the right skill and rate to meet your performance requirements. Leverage PMware to “insource” or “outsource” all your project resource needs and increase your capacity for success across your portfolio.


Project Financial Management

PMware Technology is a rich robust centralized solution for managing all aspects of Project Financial Management. As you collect status while executing projects, PMware calculates comprehensive financial metrics for forecasting and reporting. Stand-Alone or integrated with your back office financials, PMware will enable greater efficiency and profitability.


Project Management Intelligence

PMware Technology provides the ultimate source of centralized intelligence for making day to day tactical decisions as well as strategic planning decisions across your team or enterprise. All users can access their secure personal dashboards to get real-time project performance metrics, reports, views, status and collaboration. PMware enables your best performance with Project Management Intelligence.


PMI Training and Certifications

PMware Technology provides high performance solutions for Project Management Professionals. Our mission is to partner with a network of PMI certified professionals to provide Project Management Training, Consulting and Certifications.